CulinAerie, where I teach my classes

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The Cook’s Thesaurus
Guidelines for ingredient substitutions.

Simply Recipes
Reliable recipes.

Joe Pastry
A refreshingly science-y take on baking.

Serious Eats: The Food Lab
J. Kenji López-Alt relentlessly tests recipes to find out what makes them tick. A very food science attitude!

Food Facts and Tips from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

How to Become a Food Scientist (IFT)

Food Science Experiments Designed for K-12 teachers (IFT)

Dietary Guidelines for Americans (USDA)
An important resource for anyone concerned about nutrition.

Compilation of Maybe Every Kitchen Cheat Sheet Ever Made

Five Common Recipe Mistakes to Avoid (Epicurious)

Egg Size Equivalents and Conversions (Incredible Edible Egg)

The Exploratorium
Great for getting kids interested in Food Science!

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