Welcome to Decoding Delicious! Here, you will find test kitchen recipes, ingredient substitution tips, and fun facts about food from a food scientist. The mission at Decoding Delicious is to delve deeply into the mysteries of food and gain a better understanding of how food works! From the simple questions–why does toast turn brown?, to the more complex questions–why is my freshly baked cake deflating into a pancake on the counter as it cools?? At Decoding Delicious, no question is too simple or too complex! Through experimentation, the most perfect version of a recipe can be found, cooking disasters can be explained, simple foods like toast or blanched beans are seen for what they are–marvels of science! Most importantly, once you truly¬†understand food, you are a master of your kitchen. You will no longer be chained to a recipe or doomed to deflated cakes. You can taste and appreciate flavors in a new way and push the boundaries of conventional cooking! Let the discoveries begin!!

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